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Want to know what's next?

At Ronin we do not believe players should be playing lacrosse every week for the entire year.  We want to guard against burn-out!  Ronin takes 2 weeks in December, a month in May and a month in August off for the boys to relax, recover and enjoy themselves, their friends and their families.


Ronin offers play year-round and is committed to getting players opportunities without burning them out.  We work hard to develop young players.  Our focus is on fundamentals and game knowledge not just the wins.


We believe that if we spend the time going through the process and make sure that we work on the right thigs, that the results will come.


One of our core philosophies is that our players and coaches are like family.  Once you're in we care deeply about you and your development as a lacrosse player and a young man.

Many of our players come back years after going off to college to help out and be a part of the next generation of our family.

Mint Lacrosse

Mint Lacrosse is an elite team that Ronin feeds to.  It is build for players serious about playing at the next level.  Mint will attend 1 tournament in the Fall, 1 in the Winter and then go to the East Coast in the Summer for a week for various tournaments and showcases.


Spring Season

The Spring season is the official season of lacrosse.  This is the time you will find high school and college teams playing their regular seasons.  For the youth we have partnered with Tribe lacrosse, a local rec organization, so that players can play a regular season with other young players in their area against other townships!

St. Francis, Crescenta Valley, La Canada and Glendale are area high schools with lacrosse programs.  We welcome all players past and present to St. Francis Home Games at 200 Foothill Blvd., La Canada, CA 91011.

For youth players looking to play in the Spring we recommend Tribe Lacrosse:


Tribe Lacrosse

This is a great way to get continued coaching from many of the Ronin Coaches and play on a regular basis!

Summer Season

The Summer Season starts up in June and runs through the end of July.  Ronin holds practices at St. Francis HS in La Canada.  In the Summer Ronin charges a training fee which gets players into 2 practices a week and they are part of a player pool. 

Ronin will attend various tournaments throughout the Summer.  Teams are created from the player pool based on skill and availability.


Fall Box Lacrosse

In the Fall, Ronin participates in box leagues in LA.  Box lacrosse is a little different than normal field lacrosse.  It is played in a rink and carries with it a few different rules.  We play box lacrosse for several reasons; first and foremost to help guard against fatigue and burnout.  Secondly, box lacrosse puts players in a smaller space improving footwork and stickwork at a faster rate than normal.  There are many other benefits to box lacrosse, like rate of player, pick and roll game etc... and we are happy to make this part of the yearly programming.

The Youth practice twice a week and participate in a league that plays on Sunday in Torrance.

The HS players practice twice a week and participate in a league in Chatsworth that plays on Saturdays.


Winter Lacrosse

In the Winter Ronin practices twice a week and players again sign-up for training and to enter a player pool.  Ronin selects several tournaments and pulls from the player pool to attend just like in the Summer.


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