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Ronin Small Group training

Greetings Family! We're bringing small group training to the Foothill Area.  For the month of December Coach Bowers will be running small group training sessions that will focus on building explosion using cones and ladders.  Training will also be centered around proper stickwork when players are tired and working hard. Sessions are capped at 10 players so make sure to reserve your spot in advance.

footwork and plyometric training

The first 45 minutes of training will consist of footwork drills to exhaust players, build there quick twitch muscles and build appropriate muscle memory to better prepare players for the rigors presented to them in the game.


The stickwork focus will be on proper form while exhausted.  We want to see our athletes build proper form, but we also want to work them in a way that they continue to perform with proper mechanics when they are tired.  Most stickwork will be based on shooting but will include dodging into the shot.


Mondays / Tuesdays and Thursdays - 4:00pm to 5:15pm

At Pelanconi Park

$35 a session

75 minutes long

Players wear helmet and gloves.

Players must schedule their session with Coach Bowers ( in advance since groups will be capped at 10 players. Payment can be made by cash or Venmo on site.

Players looking to get additional work in with coaches should contact Coach Bowers for private sessions.

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