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We have two different options for our boys this coming summer.  For those looking for just training you can do training only or you can choose the tournament option.  In the event you cannot make a tournament, please reach out to Coach Bowers as proration can only be done before the Summer season.

Local Tournaments


CalCoast - Santa Barbara Showdown - Santa Barbara, CA - 6/22-23

Legends - Meltdown - Corona, CA - 7/6-7

Trbz - Summer Classic - Irvine, CA - 7/13-14


Practices - Mondays and Thursdays in June and July at St. Francis HS

Gear - Pinnie, Shooting Shirt, Shorts

Price: $1,500

(Sign-Up before April 1 for $150 off)

Players signing up before May 1 will get their name on their pinnie as well as the number they choose for the Summer.

Summer TRaining ONly

Want to get as many workouts as possible but cannot make tournaments?  The training model may be the best option for you.  Players who sign up for the training option can attend any practice and will get a Ronin Pinnie. Below is a general outline for the Summer practice schedule.  Please note times are subject to change and dates are meant to give you a general outline of practices.  The schedule will be updated in May with final dates and times.

Cost is $700 ($100 off if signed up before May 1st)

Summer Practice Schedule 
(Subject to Change)
24 - St. Francis HS - 7 t
o 9pm
27 - St. Francis HS
- 7 to 9pm
30 - St. Francis HS
 - 7 to 9pm
3 - St. Francis HS - 7 to 9pm
11 - Elysian Park - 6 to 8pm
17 - St. Francis HS - 8 to 10pm
20 - St. Francis - 8
 to 10pm
24 - St. Francis - 8
 to 10pm
27 - St. Francis - 8
 to 10pm
30 - St. Francis - 430 to 630
1 - St. Francis - 8
 to 10pm
8 - St. Francis - 8
 to 10pm
11 - St. Francis - 8
 to 10pm

(additional trainings)

15 - St. Francis - 8
 to 10pm
18 - St. Francis - 8
 to 10pm


We require US Lacrosse Memberships for our players.  You can go to USA Lacrosse | Governing Body of Lacrosse in the United States for $35.  The benefits of this membership are tremendous and include additional insurance coverage for you!

Refund Policy:  After June 25 players are considered fully in the program and no refunds are to be given.

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