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Ronin is excited to announce our Winter Tournament Schedule.  This season we are going to 3 tournaments and a showcase.  We have chosen a local schedule to ensure our boys can get as much time on the field as possible!

Practices start November 2 and will be held at St. Francis HS.




Legends - Autumn Tilt - November 12, 13 - Oceanside, CA

Adrenaline - BlackJack Classic - December 3, 4 - Henderson, NV

SoCal Showdown - December 10, 11 - Temecula, CA




Creator's Showcase - December 16, 17 - St. Francis HS

Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 7pm to 9pm starting Nov. 2 through Dec. 16


We have a pinnie redesign this Fall / Winter.  All players will receive a new Ronin Pinnie!

Shorts (for the first 60 signed up)

Shooter (for the first 60 signed up)

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