This Summer Ronin is offering two different levels of entry into our program.  A Training entry, and a Tournament Play entry.  Keep reading below for details.

Training Option

The training option is for players still working on nailing down those fundamentals and getting ready to play at the tournament level.  At the training level, players will practice with the tourney team and play in several scrimmages throughout the summer.  Included in the training option is:

  • Player Development from the Ronin Coaching Staff

  • Social Media Coverage of team and individuals

  • Opportunity to play in scrimmages

  • Ronin Pinnie

  • Training Sessions:

    • Practices in the Evening on - 6/15, 6/17, 6/22, 6/23, 6/29, 7/1, 7/8, 7/13, 7/14, 7/20, 7/21

    • Practices will be held at St. Francis HS (Subject to change)

  • Access to Ronin Webstore

Price: $500

Tournament Option

The tournament option is for players ready to take the next step and test themselves at the highest level.  This is generally meant for players that have been on the club scene or are playing in the DCLL or the SCLA "Stars" level.  The Tournament Option includes everything in the training option PLUS:

  • Player Assessment Sheet from Ronin Coaching Staff

  • Pinnie

  • Opportunity to play in 2 local tournaments

    • Tribz - July 24/25 - Irvine, CA

    • SJB - July 31, August 1 - Bellflower, CA

Price: $700


We require US Lacrosse Memberships for our players.  You can go to USLACROSSE.ORG for $35.  The benefits of this membership are tremendous and include additional insurance coverage for you!

All payments include a $50 non-refundable deposit.  If you're having an issue please reach out, we can always work something out!