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Welcome to The St. Francis Team Links PAge

On this page, you'll find links to St. Francis Boys Lacrosse Events as well as discount codes and any other information that might per helpful or pertinent during the months of May through December.  The page is hidden from the general public so please feel free to bookmark it!

Head Coach Don Bowers


  Email 2:

  Phone: 802-598-1336

Fall Lift

Our Fall lift is designed to build our strength and discipline. We will be working for 1 hour on Mondays and Wednesday mornings and for 30 minutes on Friday mornings.  We have pushed our times a little later in the morning to give the boys (and parents) a bit more rest.  Lifts will take our entire time so it is imperative that boys show up on time for lifts.

These lifts are pivotal in both strengthening our team but also in preventing injury during the season.  All players not in other sports or clubs that interfere should be prioritizing lifts.


Monday - 6:30am to 7:30am

Wednesday - 6:30am to 7:30am

Friday - 7:00am to 7:30am

The Fall lift comes with a fee of $350 per player and runs from September to December.

Fall Fridays

Fridays in the Fall after School our Freshmen and new players gather on the field for an hour to work on our sticks.  The first two weeks are very basic.  As players become more proficient new drills are introduced!

First Friday is September 8.

Fall Box Lacrosse

For our 4th year in a row, we will be playing box lacrosse during our Fall to improve our skills while not burning out.  We play in the Sierra Canyon box league.  Generally, our games are Saturdays at Sierra Canyon, the schedule will be released in late August and will be emailed to you immediately.  We have both JV and Varsity teams in this league.  Unfortunately, we do not allow players that have never played lacrosse before to play box.  We do allow them to practice with us at the field though to help build their skills.

Box is a team activity; in it we gain skills and experience together.  Our offensive and defensive systems pull from what works and does not work in box.  Being together and playing against top competition is very important year-round for us.  Players should be doing both the lift and Box.

Box lacrosse practices are set to run on Tuesdays at 3:30 (at Lincoln Heights Youth Center Complex - 2911 Altura St, Los Angeles, CA 90031) and on Thursdays at 630 (at St. Francis).

Tentative Schedule:

Tuesdays - 3:30pm to 5pm

Thursdays - 630pm to 830pm

Saturdays - Morning Gametimes for Varsity at Sierra Canyon

Sundays - Morning Gametimes for JV in Torrance

The fee for box lacrosse is $750 (sign up before August 25th and it is $700).  For players doing lifting and box at the same time (preferred) there is a discount code.  To receive $100 off, please use code "SFBOX" when signing up.

Fall Paintball Outing

Saturday September 16 we are scheduled to play paintball at Ambush Paintball Park at 1pm.  The cost is $50 per person and will include a rental and 500 paintballs!

Winter Ronin

Ronin is our club program.  Due to CIF rule teams cannot play under their high school moniker in their off-season.  As a result, we play under the Ronin Banner.  Ronin attends 3 tournaments and a showcase during the Winter Months starting in November immediately following box season.  All players are encouraged to sign-up for the Ronin Winter Program.  

The Ronin Winter Program has been restructured so that players pay for what they "use".  Players pay a training fee that gets them a pinnie, shooter, shorts all the practices and instruction from the coaching staff.  This year the player fee also includes entrance to the Creator Sports Showcase traditionally held at St. Francis on December 15 and 16.  After signing up for the training fee, players are then given the option to sign-up for additional tournaments.  Tournaments are all local within 2 hours of Los Angeles.  Parents are encouraged to find hotel arrangements with each other if they plan on staying overnight (though it is not required).

Tournaments generally cost between $200 and $350 depending on the size of the tournament and cost to register.

Tournament List:

SB FallBrawl - Santa Barbara, CA - November 4/5

Autumn Tilt - Irvine, CA - November 11/12

SoCal Showdown - Temecula, CA - December 9/10

Creator Sports NCAA Showcase - Pasadena, CA - December 15/16

Below you can find a link to register for the Winter program.

Halloween practice

On Tuesday October 31 we will host a practice at St. Francis.  Players of all skills come dressed in costumes as we go through drills and finally have a short scrimmage.

Alumni Game

Each year we run an alumni game over Thanksgiving Break. The game is held on Friday, the 24th, the day after Thanksgiving. All players not traveling attend.


At this time, we are a no-cut sport.  That said we will cut for attitude if it becomes a problem.  December 4, 5, and 6th we will hold our annual tryouts for the team. This gives our players ample time to learn the game and work their skills in the Fall and Winter before putting them in a tryout to assign their team.

Ugly Sweater Game

After tryouts are over, the team relaxes and has a great inner squad scrimmage.  The rub? Everyone dresses up in their favorite ugly holiday sweater!  This is an awesome time and gives the team a nice finish to their Winter before finals.

Creator's showcase

The showcase is put on by Creator Sports California but is held at St. Francis and is amongst other things, a great way to showcase our players and facilities to college coaches.  This will be the 4th year this showcase has been held at St. Francis and continuing to pack this event with quality players is a priority to keep college coaches interested in our program.


Sandstorm is the largest tournament in California.  It is held annually on January 13th and 14th in Indio, CA (Palm Springs).  Every year we take our Varsity and JV teams to this tournament.  The fee is traditionally $300 for our players.  Hotels book up quickly, so it is suggested that parents make arrangements before October.

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