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Summer Camp

Late this Summer players ages 7 to 14 are invited to a week long Summer camp July 25 to the 29th.  Our camp is set to go from 4pm to 7pm allowing players 3 focused hours a day at St. Francis HS.  Coaches will be covering proper hand placement, shooting techniques, defensive positioning and gameplay.

Each day will be set up with a similar structure but varying drills.  We will systematically build our players throughout the week so they come away with a new set of skills ready to be used on the field while also having fun along the way!

4:oo pm - Stickwork Instruction

4:30 pm - Groundball Game

4:45 pm - Mini Game

5:15 pm - Shooting Instruction

5:45 pm - Mini Game

6:oo pm - Individual Instruction

6:30 pm - Game Play

Date: July 25-29

Time: 4pm - 7pm

Location: St. Francis HS

Cost: $125

Reach out to Coach Bowers with any questions:

We look forward to seeing the youth hop on the field for some fun this summer!

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