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Welcome to Sixes!

Sixes is a fast-paced version of the sport played on a smaller field, with fewer players (6 v 6) and a condensed game length. Sixes will be the format used for lacrosse at The World Games going forward.

Sixes gives boys a fast paced way to have fun and build skills and game knowledge.  We are happy to be putting teams into a new Glendale League this Summer.

We've found that boys are playing less free flowing "games at the park" so this offering is really just an opportunity to let our young men take some responsibility, have fun and play games.  Coach Bowers will run 1 introductory practice and then the boys will be on their own for the Summer.  The cost of this team is simply the league entry fee!

Game Dates

Up to 3 games per night

June 16

June 23

June 30

July 14


Start Times between 6 and 8pm

Done by 9pm

Game Location

Glendale High School


May 23 - Pelanconi Park - 5 to 6pm






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