Just because you graduate, doesn't mean we're done with you!  Come play year round at various tournaments around the countries and leagues in LA.  Here's what we've got on tap:

SCLA Men's LAcrosse League

This league has been around as long as lacrosse in LA has been around.  The Ronin coaches and past players play on the Venice Lacrosse squad.  Home field is Culver City High School.  Games are on Sundays and start in late February.


Through 4 weeks the league has run up against Corona and is now on a hiatus.  It will pick back up in September.

Tahoe LAcrosse Tournament

The Tahoe Men's tournament is a staple for our men's team.  The truth is that the Summer programs at all levels revolve around this tournament's schedule.  It's a phenomenal weekend that starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday.  Located on Lake Tahoe and played at Incline Village, the Tahoe tournament is played the third weekend of July, the 16 - 20.


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