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St. Francis Winter Freshman Tournament

Greetings Players and Parents,

We're really excited to give you the option to play in a tournament before the official St. Francis season starts!  Below are the details for next weekend's tournament.  The below cost of $200 is lesser cost thanks to the school chipping in.  The cost also includes the practice pinnie that your son received earlier last week.  If you cannot make the tournament, there is a paypal link for $50 to cover the cost of the practice pinnie for the year.

For new families, due to CIF rules, we are not allowed to compete under the St. Francis name.  Ronin, our club team is what we do in the Fall, Winter and Summer to stay sharp, stay with our teammates and build our game. 


Tournament details

Airstation Shootout - 8000 Great Park Blvd., Irvine, CA 92618

July 27, 28

Saturday Schedule:

12:00pm - Arrival

12:40pm - Warm-Up, Field 5

1:00pm - Game 1 vs. SoCal Hounds, Field 5

2:40pm - Game 2 vs. Canyon, Field 5

5:10pm - Game 3 vs. Rockslide, Field 11

Sunday Schedule:

Game 4 - dependent on day 1 results

Game 5 - dependent on game 4 results

For those unable to attend

For those unable to attend the tournament you can pay for your practice pinnie with the link below.


What to expect from tournaments

How Many days are a tournament:

Normally Tournaments are held over a two-day time period.  As your son is starting out he'll likely be invited to local tournaments which means you can drive to the tournament venue each day, and back to your home in the evening.  As your son progresses more tournaments become available to them and some are rather far away.  In those instances families will usually accompany their sons or work out situations where their family friends will take their son. For local tournaments especially, parents are encouraged to come, but it is also very acceptable to have your son catch a ride with a friend to and from the tournament for the day.

What does a tournament day look like:

Generally, tournament days will play 2 or 3 games on day 1 and then 2 or 3 games on day 2.  In most tournaments, players get a total of 5 games (with day 1 usually having more games than day 2).  A typical tournament day (not including transportation) will be about a 6 to 7 hour block of time.  Players should always arrive to day 1 of a tournament 1 hour before their game so they can park, get their bearings, get to the proper field and warm-up (on day 2 we say to get to the venue 45 minutes before their game).  There is usually 1 hour in between games. During that hour players tend to walk around the fields with their friends and/or family, socializing and watching other lacrosse games.  This is also an optimal time to snack (not get a full meal) and rehydrate.

What should you bring to a tournament:

Parents and players should bring WATER, Snacks, umbrellas, chairs.  It is a bit of a festival atmosphere normally and very few tournaments do not have a vendor or two on site. 

Players should bring all of their gear, it is a normal occurrence that player will forget a necessary piece of equipment and instead of not being able to play, a teammate will hopefully have an extra to share.  If players are not given shorts they should wear black shorts if they can.  Players are usually given pinnies to practice and play games in.  

What do tournaments normally cost:

Local tournaments usually cost about $300 per player.  It is important for you to know that because if you guest play for other clubs they will often ask to chip in for the tournament.  

Tournament Schedules:

Please note, tournament schedules normally do not come out until about a week before the tournament.  As soon as they come out there are 2 avenues we disburse game information.  The first is through email.  The second is through an App on your phone that most tournaments use.  The App is called Tourney Machine.  On this app there are live updates so you can follow the team's progress and, in a situation where emails are not coming through, you can see in the app when games will be.

If you have a financial issue, please reach out to Coach Bowers.  The Ronin Program is partnered with a non-profit, Creator Sports California, that can sometimes provide assistance for sporting events.

Note: If you would like to pay by check or cash please contact Coach Bowers for additional instruction. 


All players must be US Lacrosse Members

Our refund policy is once a program has started refunds are not given.  Should extenuating circumstances arise we are happy to work with you based on those circumstances.

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