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Ronin Fall YOUTH Training

We've got a great base of youth in the area and we want to support and train those players up so we can continue their success in the future. We're hosting training sessions on Thursdays as well as Box sessions for those looking to play competitive games!


We're working skills more than anything else.  Youth players are at various stages of development, but one thing is true, they need skills training to be able to compete at the next level.  We are bringing a focus on stickwork this Fall so we can go into the Winter with a good base of fundamentals.

We will have weekly training sessions not only in the box, but also on the field.


Wednesday Nights in September practices will be in North Hollywood. Fridays we'll host practices at St. Francis following school.

8/30 and 9/1 we will host to practices at 11455 Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91601 in a box rink. 

8/30 practice - 530 to 7

9/1 practice - 430 to 6

9/8 practice - 430 to 6

9/15 practice - 430 to 6

Sundays games will start 9/19 with games played at Wilson Park in Torrance.

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